Certifying The Retail HACCP Process
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HACCPCanada Certification Advantages

Legal Liability concerns lessen when a HACCPCanada HACCP-based food safety plan is implemented. Audited Record Keeping is essential in providing evidence that a reasonable standard of care has been established and for demonstrating due diligence, thereby, ensuring a greater liability defense in the event of a lawsuit or when a contamination incident occurs.

Tourists are keen to dine wherever they see the stamp of certification, as most countries are requiring mandatory certification for every retail food outlet.  More tourist bureaus desire to assure the tour guides from around the world that Canadian eateries have implemented a HACCP-based food safety system. Certification from HACCPCanada promotes a competitive advantage for your company, thereby increasing your market share, growing your customer base and expanding your profits.

A Level of Assurance to the Customer is top priority in any food service.  With food-borne illnesses on the rise, HACCPCanada Certification assures each customer that every endeavour is employed to preserve and maintain a food safe environment at all times.

Distinction of Excellence is defined as being set apart through certification and has truly become an important selling feature to the discerning public. The general populous is making informed choices and acknowledging that certification is a priority in planning their dining experience.  HACCPCanada Certification is the perfect means to address this appeal.

Public Awareness Program with HACCPCanada Certification is a marketing campaign to promote awareness and highlight the importance of certification to the customer for your retail food establishment. Utilizing high-visibility decals displayed on menus and entrances, website support, social media connections and more.

Responsible Risk Management facilitates the food service industry to furnish assurance intended for Insurance Brokers that every action has been implemented to significantly reduce claims made as a result of a foodborne illness.  HACCPCanada Certification of your HACCP Plan marks your retail food business as having obtained a system that provides the documentation needed to convey that confidence to your Insurance Provider.

System for Continual Improvement. HACCPCanada Certification establishes the process of monitoring and verifying potentially hazardous foods at each critical control point.  Subsequently this practice necessitates staff to be diligent in identifying improvements and reinforces the need to continually evaluate the processes and procedures.

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