Certifying The Retail HACCP Process
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  1. What is HACCP?

    HACCP is a production control system for the food industry. It is a process that identifies where potential contamination can occur (the critical control points or CCPs) and strictly manages and monitors these points as a way of ensuring the process is in control and that the safest product possible is being produced.

  2. Is HACCP Legally required in BC?

    Food handling procedures 23 (1) In this section: "critical control point" means a location in a food service establishment or a step in the establishment's procedures where failure to comply with the Act or this regulation may result in a health hazard; "critical limit" means standards that must be met to ensure that a health hazard does not occur at a critical control point. (2) Every operator of a food service establishment must have written procedures to ensure that a health hazard does not occur in the operation of the establishment. (3) The written procedures required by subsection (2) must include (a) identification of all critical control points, (b) critical limits for those critical control points, (c) the procedures to be followed to ensure adherence to the critical limits, and (d) the actions to be taken in the event that the critical limits are not adhered to.

  3. What is "active managerial control"?

    The term "active managerial control" is used  to describe industry's responsibility for developing and implementing food safety management systems to reduce the occurrence of foodborne illness risk factors. Although the term may be new to some, the basic management principles are probably already being used in the day-to-day operations of most of the retail food establishments.  It embodies a preventative rather than reactive approach to food safety through a continuous system of monitoring and verification.

  4. What are the 7 HACCP Principles?

    The current HACCP system is based on seven principles:

    1. Conduct a hazard analysis.

    2. Determine the CCPs.

    3. Establish critical limit(s).

    4. Establish a system to monitor control of the CCPs.

    5. Establish the corrective action to be taken when monitoring indicates that a particular CCP is not under control.

    6. Establish procedures for verification to confirm that the HACCP system is working effectively.

    7. Establish documentation concerning all procedures and records appropriate to these principles and their application.

  5. What is the difference between HACCP Compliance, Accreditation, and Certification?

    Compliance is defined as the act of complying.  In this case a HACCP-Based Food Safety System is in place but it is not being externally monitered.

    Accreditation is is the evaluation of a person or organization to determine if standards are being met in order for that individual or organization to relay those standards to others.  Hospitals and Educators may be accreditted for example.  HACCP Accreditation evaluates the ability of an organization to replicate its HACCP-Based Food Safety System.

    Certification is the confirmation by outside assessment that processes are being carried out to standard.  HACCP Certification through HACCPCanada provides that confirmation of standards and prerequisite programs and provides the vehicle for communicating Certification.

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HACCPCanada Certification

  1. What is the HACCPCanada 'Public Awareness Program'?

    HACCPCanada has developed a marketing strategy to inform our client's customers & suppliers of their Certification Status, utilizing a framed Certificate, leveraging social media, registration of the client name/logo  on the HACCPCanada website, and the privileged use of HACCPCanada’s trademark logo for their website and more.

  2. What are the criteria for HACCPCanada Certification?

    HACCPCanada criterion consists of documentation of the Retail Food Establishment’s HACCP-Based Food Safety System. For more specific information please Contact Us.

  3. Does HACCPCanada supply a HACCP-Based Food Safety System?

    HACCPCanada provides all of the necessary components including Standard Operating Procedures and Critical Control Logs to establish a complete HACCP-Based Food Safety System.

  4. What does HACCPCanada Certify?

    HACCPCanada Certifies the implemented process of a HACCP-Based Food Safety System.

  5. How does the Retail Food Establishment maintain Certification with HACCPCanada?

    HACCPCanada performs quarterly audits of the Retail Food Establishment's Critical Control Logs, Annual On-site Audit with an Annual Review of Staff Food Safety Training Logs. A successful Regulatory Inspection Report will be a prerequisite to HACCPCanada Certification.

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